Show Your Talent, Win a Free Neko Lingerie May 19, 2016 21:28


 - winner will get a free set of pink cat keyhole underwear
 - 1 winner only

You can see the product here:

1. Draw fanart of this pink neko keyhole underwear
2. Repost this photo first on instagram 
3. Then post your fanart with hashtag #catkeyholefanart on instagram
4. @spreepicky will upload the fanart to facebook album
5. Most like will have more chance to win, but @spreepicky has the final decision(amazing artworks will always stand out)
6. End date: May 31, 2016

You can submit as many entries as you can create!

Put a big watermark writing #SpreePickyFanartContest on the fanart to protect yours

Can't wait to see your fanarts <3