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100$ Gift Card Giveaway and Black Friday Promotion

Hello My Dear Love 

Thanks All The Support To Spree Picky 

Here By Return, Free 100$ Gift Card For You

Total 2 winners, 1 from Instagram, 1 from Rafflecopter

By The Way, We Have The Biggest Promotion Of The Year


Love15: 15$ Off On 60$ Spend
Love30: 30$ Off On 100$ Spend

Love80: 80$ Off On 250$ Spend

Enjoy Shopping and Giveaway

To Win The Gift Card Below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Giveaway and Codes Last from Nov 25 to Nov 30, 2015

Good Luck Sweeties ^_^


  •  As we learn about more great Black Friday freebies, prizes, and offers, we ll update this list for you.

    Jonas Suet
  • I just found this store recently, and it’s my favorite online store! I’d be so humbled to get a gift card!

    Jodie Cox
  • Hey, I won your giveaway. Thank you so much for that!!! Im really sorry, but I didnt really get where I can contact you, could you say it again?

  • Hey, I won the giveaway. Thank you so much for that!!!! :3 i didnt really get where i can contact you, so could you say that again?

  • awesome :3


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