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SpreePicky Black/White Luna/Artemis Bag Giveaway


SpreePicky Black/White Luna/Artemis Bag Giveaway


Get your Luna or Artemis, see sailor moon power happen!


Prize: SP152787 Black/White Luna/Artemis High Quality Bag

Winner: total 3 winners. (2 will be picked from rafflecopter, 1 will be picked separately from instagram)

Ends on August 17th, 2015.


Join via the link:    

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We also hold it in instagram. 

If you want to get more entries, please check @SpreePicky in instagram.



1. Follow @SpreePicky & @CosPicky;

2. Repost this picture with hashtag #splunaartemisgiveaway

3. Like this picture, comment down whether you love #Luna or #Artemis, and 

   tag 3 of your best friends.


❤. If you happen to win the prize while you already purchased the item, we will refund fully to you^-^


Good Luck!




Click the Picture for the Prize Details

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  • ( > >//w/< )> I need this purse!!! I must have Luna!! mTTwTTm

    Star Dowsland
  • It would look so cute with my sailormoon sweater, dont care that i’m 22 forever young ??

  • Really hope to win this really cute bag ^^

    Fany Ayanomori
  • Reallly Really hope I win. <3

  • sobs Everything on this store is so damn cuuute! <3

    Ruby Johnson

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