Get Free $50 For Your Winter Closet

☺Say Hello To Winter and Christmas☺

Your Closet Need Some Fresh, Isn't It?

Good News, Spree Picky Would Like To Send You A Gift

Pick one or some items from <Daily Fashion> Collection and Follow The Rules 

Hit The Chance To Get 50$ Gift Card

One Winner From Instagram, Please Follow @Spreepicky To Check

One Winner From Facebook, Click Here To Join Directly.

Comment Down Here with Your Favorite Item When You've Done In Instagram and Facebook

- The Gift Card Will Be Only Used in Daily Fashion -

- The Giveaway Ends On 10/12/215 - 

❤Good Luck Everyone❤


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  • Hi SpreePicky! I would love to add these cute clothes in my closet (: I followed you guys on Instagram ( moonbea.n ) and liked on Faceboook ( Juliet Rose ) All the clothes here are super cute, it would be amazing if I would receive these items

    - Red/Navy Little Fox Bat Knited Jumper Sweater
    -White/Black Gothic Little Cross Skirt
    -[3 For 2] 8 Patterns Fake Over Knee Thigh High Tights

    These are the items that I choice and think are super cute! Thank you for giving us a giveaway. Good luck everyone! xoxo

    Julisa Guerrero
  • Done and good luck everyone <3 :)

    This dress is absolutely beautiful :3
    I don’t wear dresses a lot, but I’d wear this one all the time :3

  • Hi SpreePicky! <3 I would love to add these cute items to my collection!!! I don’t always get to buy myself nice things when I have 2 little cherubs to dote on, so it would be so amazing to have some nice things for myself. Can you be my Santa?
    - My bag is getting very old! I will need a new one soon!
    - I could be the cutest mum at the school!!! <3
    - Oh my new shoes! I have been wearing same shoes for long time! Maybe these could be nice new shoes for work <3

    Jade-Elise Newell

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