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  SpreePicky Black/White Luna/Artemis Bag Giveaway   Get your Luna or Artemis, see sailor moon power happen!   Prize: SP152787 Black/White Luna/Artemis High Quality Bag Winner: total 3 winners. (2 will be picked from rafflecopter, 1 will be picked separately from instagram) Ends on August 17th, 2015.   Join via the link:     a Rafflecopter giveaway   We also hold it in instagram.  If you want to get more entries, please check @SpreePicky in instagram.   Rules: 1. Follow @SpreePicky & @CosPicky; 2. Repost this picture with hashtag #splunaartemisgiveaway; 3. Like this picture, comment down whether you love #Luna or #Artemis, and     tag 3...

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Update 2015.08.06 Dear Sweetie, Due to the Flood Orders for the Luna and Artemis Bag, every day we ship a lot of bags and you will get automatically email with tracking However, since the stock of the bags are limit every day (We can only receive 30-50 bags daily but we have over 600-1000 orders in total>_<) You will might get notification of shipments a bit longer but we promise ship you the best bag and ship out fastest as we could.  P.S you can also login your account and see if the order changed as shipped and get tracking...

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