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  SpreePicky Sailor Senshi Wallet Giveaway   Magic Power Make Up!   Prize: 6 Colors Sailor Moon Series Wallet Can Pack IPhone 6 SP152319 Winner: total 3 winners. (2 will be picked from rafflecopter, 1 will be picked separately from instagram) Ends on Sep 20, 2015.   Join via the link:     a Rafflecopter giveaway   We also hold it in instagram.  If you want to get more entries, please check @SpreePicky in instagram.   Rules: 1. Follow @SpreePicky & @CosPicky; 2. Repost this picture with hashtag #spwalletgiveaway; 3. Like this picture, comment down your fav color, and tag 3 of your best friends.   ❤. If...

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