Afforable 10 Cute Gift Ideas for 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Afforable 10 Cute Gift Ideas for 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday

 Hellllllooo there! We have enter the holiday season now <3

if you are looking for some cute & afforable gift idea, spreepicky got you covered!

Those are some of my favorite from my wishlist...(don't even ask how many still left ...there are plenty ╮(╯▽╰)╭ and do you have the same feeling that always lack of clothes ?(;д;)

Let's go straight to the wishlist please!

1. Kitty Paw Necklace (Freeeeeeeee!!!!! )

cute cat paw necklace

was 14.99$, now 0$ for spending over 15$, click in and read details!


2. Moon Shoulder Bag

Moon Shoulder Bag? Never Gonna Missed! Oh, ever have 3 options and differect Colors to Pick!


3. Candy Capes

wanna look cute and warm? thoese capes are your choice!

was 30$, now 22.99$+ FreeShipping!



4. Sailor Moon Sweater

was 29.99$, Now Only 19.99$+Free Shipping, and Plus Size avaliable!


5. Pretty Witch Skirt

pretty witch skirt

Pretty Witch Skirt!! ლ(╹◡╹ლ) I am flying



6.  Galaxy seifuku (Plus size avaliable)

galaxy seifuku

I always love just looking the galaxy and I can wear them on!! ( ◜◡‾)っ

start from 25.99$ Now!


7.  Kawaii Anime Wallet(You know the anime right?)

sailor moon wallet

my inner girly heart pop up and wanna grab one right away! (๑>◡<๑)

was 29.99$ now 22.99$ +FreeShipping


8. Navy Sailor Winter Coat (heart Button!!!)

navy sailor coat heart button

I know this might be a bit over budget but look at it!!!! ╰( ᐖ╰)≡(╯ᐛ )╯

we have 3 options price to fit your needs

ahhhhhhhh, classic and cute... just can not help wanna wear it on...٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)


9. Sunset Sky Heaven Pastel Cloud Bedding

 jessicanigri sunset sky heavy bedding gift idea 2016

It just like falling on the cloud,  time to become magical girl!  ლ(╹ε╹ლ)

and her lighting idea was amazing...

Follow @jessicanigri to see more her pictures 

Single -- Super King Size avaible 


10.  Winter Boots 

winter boots gift idea 2016


Boots, Boots, I feel like I can never have enough!  (✪ω✪) Actually I linked you a lot of cute shoes just check them out...(╯◕◞౪◟◕‵)


*** Special wanted!

You can sumbit your gift ideas from spreepicky store, I will pick some and post and send gifts, welcome writing your own blog post to us!


Oh, don't forget to check out the BlackFriday&CyberMonday Sales, up to 50$ Off! + Free Shipping (I know you guys already know but it's for newbies to get the idea of free shipping)

spreepicky 2016 blackfriday sales + giveaway


see you later!




founder of SpreePicky & Cospicky

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