Brown Cardcaptor Sakura Hebrew Light Wireless Charger S13121

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Now 10Watt has a new sound on version! Music can be switched on, it will be sound once only, but it's not easy to close the music. The wireless charger is slower charging than the regular charger (like 80%-90% of the normal charger.) Or you can use a faster charger plug like 9v and above to get a better result. Consider if you can accept it before you place the order.

Sound on! New Magic Circle Wireless Charger (click link to the page)


Hebrew Letter Pattern one below:

Now 10Watt has a new sound on version! Music can be switch on.

Check the update video below:

2 options of music, both can be closed.
The music cannot be chosen, will be shipped randomly with Option A or Option B, if you don't want music, you can choose the no music version.

Please check Below for your phone models

Only wireless supported devices can use! (Mostly after iPhone 8 and afterward, Airpods and iWatch work on these chargers too!)

please check Below for your phone models

iPhone: iPhone X /iphone8/8+ /iphone8plus

Samsung: Galaxy S8/S8+/S7/S7edge/S6/S6edge/Note8/note5/S9/S9+

Nexus 4/5/6



lG v30s

xiaomi 2s

huawei mateRS

Notice: Order will be shipped out in 10-15 days after payment.

Material: made of LED light and ABS plastic


Option: Normal Version(5Watts), High Quality Version(10Watts)

Size for reference:

Get the Pink Version Here:

You can get a 9v charger here:


Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide for order over 15$, 2-3 days delivery to US/UK/CA/AU/FR/DE/IT and most Asia Countries