10 Colors Pastel Ice-cream Super Stretch Bottoming Pants SP164906

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Material: made of coral fleece, stretch and kawaii ^_^

1.White Top with Blue Bottom (Thicker and Longer)
2. Purple Top with Pink Bottom (Thicker and Longer) 
3. Pink Top with Purple Bottom (Thicker and Longer)
4. Pink/Yellow/White Stripes (Normal) 
5. Pink with Blue/White Stripes (Longer) 
6. Khaki with White/Pink Stripes (Longer) 
7. Blue with Yellow/Pink Stripes (Longer) 
8. Yellow with Purple/Pink Stripes (Longer) 
9. Purple with Pink/White Stripes (Longer) 
10. Green with Purple/Pink Stripes (Longer) 

Size reference:

Normal size:
Flat length: 94cm/37.01"
Stretch length: 110cm/43.31"
Waist: 76cm/29.92"
For weight within 65 KG

Longer size:

3-5 cm longer than normal size