15 Patterns Glow Skull Noctilucous Dust Mask SP152119

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What can make you look special? How about a noctilucous skull mask?

15 patterns for your choices!

You can choose noctilucous or non-noctilucous!

It's no difference between noctilucous and non-noctilucous while in day light.

But the noctilucous one will be shine in night while it has enough energy of light.

Due to patterns are very silimer, please do check clearly when you choose.

May Gatzke
It's awesome ^.^ I just got my mask in the mail yesterday and I am so happy to have it and it's amazing and I love it and I wanna buy MORE! I'll be sure to when pay day rolls around ^.^ thank you sooooo much
Ziane S.
Creepy cute. Soft, light material. The glow in the dark design is cute and creepy. I like the ear loops that you use to wear it, way more comfy than a mask with an around-the-head string and stays on well. I want more. :3