Kawaii Pikachu Plush Phone Cover/ Zipper Bag SP165011

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Thanks for the review photo from @jack.pendragon on instagram

Material:Made of cotton and plush

Colors: Phone Cover/Zipper Bag

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide for order over 15$, 7-15 days delivery to US/UK/CA/AU/FR/DE/IT and most Asia Countries

Adorable! I purchased the phone pouch and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of fabric and craftsmanship that went into it, right down to Pikachu's name stitched in pink on the back! Along with the colour of the stitching, the tail and ears are so cute! The clasp in the front is metal, sturdy with fair size and secure, though it concerns me with the weight of the phone and how it would support the weight over time. The pouch fits my LG G4 perfectly, length and width. I even received a cute bracelet as a bonus! The only small nitpick was it didn't have the face on it like the zipper bag but it's very easily overlooked. Thank you so much! I look forward to doing business with you again!