Pink|Blue Custom Made Black Butler Ciel and Alois Trancy Maid Cosplay Costume Set SP140933

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Thank you for the model photos from @jackocalypse and @pinkmutie in instagram.

See a review from Jack here :)

Material: made of normal uniform fibra

What you will get:
-1 pair of knee socks
-1 apron + back bow
-1 pair of shorts
-1 shirt/blouse
-1 headband with bow (black for blue set, pink for pink set)
-1 eye-patch (only for blue set)

Product net weight: approx 0.7 KG

Color: Pink/Blue

Size: S/M/L/XL/Costume

Size reference:

Size Bust Waist Hip
S 29.53-31.89″ 22.05-24.02" 32.28-34.65"
M 31.89-34.65″ 24.00-25.98" 34.65-36.61"
L 34.65-37.40″ 25.98-29.53" 36.61-38.98"
XL 37.40-40.55″ 29.53-31.89" 38.98-40.95"


Please read below if you need custom made size:

-Custom making takes about 15-20 days;

-Please make sure to check your email regularly after order;

-Email of size confirmation and shipping date will be sent within 48 hours;

-Your order shipment might be delayed if lack of confirmation.

Custom size please provide below measurements:

All measurements must be your net body size, please do not add it extra.

Your gender: male or female

Your height from foot to head(cm or feet):

Your weight: (kg or lbs):

Your shoulder to shoulder length(inch):

Your Bust (inch):

Your Waist(inch):

Your hip(inch):

Your arm girth (inch):

The date you need to get the costume:

Claudia A.
Really good service and I love the costume so much! <3
Just Like the Picture! (I got the Ciel costume and my sister got the Alois costume.) They came in the mail weeks before I expected them to! I was afraid they wouldn't be here in time for Halloween but they got here on the 1st! The quality is amazing, it fits me really well (same with my sister's), and is accurate to how it looks in the anime. I really liked the color on it too (I've seen some other versions have a darker blue that I didn't like as much). I want to wear it every day now aahhh
First Purchase ! I've never cosplayed before, but I've always wanted to, and when I saw this, I just couldn't stop myself from getting it. I was pretty nervous about it, but when it arrived, it turned out to be pretty great !! I'm so happy with it, and if I could change anything, it would probably be to make the shorts a bit longer, or the socks. Though with the current length, it still looks super spiffy !