S-3XL [Anzujaamu Design] Kawaii Watermelon Girl Red Edge Tee SP166435

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3-5 days make to order.

Exclusive Selling! Design by @anzujaamu (@anzudraws) on instagram, she will gain sales commission for every order, please show your support if you love her design)

Since this is custom made, the figure on the top is just effect image, the finish ready product might be a little different in color/size of the image/area from the effect image, and these kind of different are not quality issue, thanks for your understanding and support.

Material: made of cotton, stretch to have 5-10 cm extension.

Background color: White

Printed: Watermelon Girl

Get an Apricot one here:


Female Size (Slim Fit)

Size Length Bust Shoulder
S 56cm/22.05 " 80cm/31.50 " 36cm/14.17 "
M 58cm/22.83 " 84cm/33.07 " 37cm/14.57 "
L 60cm/23.62 " 88cm/34.65 " 38cm/14.96 "
XL 62cm/24.41 " 92cm/36.22 " 39cm/15.35 "
2XL 63cm/24.80 " 96cm/37.80 " 40cm/15.75 "
Male Size (Loose Fit)
Size Length Bust Shoulder
S 65cm/25.59 " 92cm/36.22 " 43cm/16.93 "
M 66cm/25.98 " 96cm/37.80 " 44cm/17.32 "
L 68cm/26.77 " 100cm/39.37 " 45cm/17.72 "
XL 71cm/27.95 " 106cm/41.73 " 46cm/18.11 "
2XL 73cm/28.74 " 112cm/44.09 " 51cm/20.08 "
3XL 75cm/29.53 " 116cm/45.67 " 53cm/20.87 "