S-3XL Uniform Pleated Skirt SP154547

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Material: made of cotton and polyester

Zipper Version/Elastic Version


The zipper button style: red with navy grid/colorful grid/white grid/red grid

The elastic style: black with red grid/red grid/navy grid/black with white grid/pure black/black with white edge/pure navy/navy with white edge/grey grid/red grid/pure red/pure grey/white with black edge/

Size reference:

For zipper button style:

Size Waist Length
S 66cm/25.98 " 40cm/15.75 "
M 70cm/27.56 " 40cm/15.75 "
L 74cm/29.13 " 40cm/15.75 "
XL 78cm/30.71 " 40cm/15.75 "
2XL 86cm/33.86 " 40cm/15.75 "
3XL 90cm/35.43 " 40cm/15.75 "


For elastic style:

Size Waist Length
S 58-88CM/22.83-34.65" 40CM15.75"
M 70-106CM/27.56-41.73" 41CM/16.14"
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