S-XXL 3 Colors Fluffy Three-piece Bikini Swimming Suit SP152488


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  • Notice Please Read:
  • 1. since swimsuit is very private item, no return or refund unless quality issue;
  • 2. Please consider the measurement is Asian size, it's much smaller than your country regular size;
  • 3. Again No return or refund, please think it twice before you check out.
  • Material: made of dacron
  • Colors: White/Black/Red
  • Size reference:
  • Size Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
    S 150-160cm/5'0"-5'3" 40-45kg/80-95g 74-78cm/29.13-30.71" 58-62cm/22.83-24.41" 80-84cm/31.50-33.07"
    M 155-165cm/5'1"-5'5" 45-50kg/90-100g 78-82cm/30.71-32.28" 62-66cm/24.41-25.98" 84-88cm/33.07-34.65"
    L 160-170cm/5'3"-5'7" 50-60kg/100-120g 82-86cm/32.28-33.86" 66-70cm/25.98-27.56" 88-92cm/34.65-36.22"
    XL 165-175cm/5'5"-5'9" 55-65kg/110-130g 86-90cm/33.86-35.43" 70-74cm/27.56-29.13" 92-96cm/36.22-37.80"
    XXL 170-180cm/5'7"-5'11" 65-75kg/130-150g 90-94cm/35.43-37.01" 74-78cm/29.13-30.71" 96-100cm/37.80-39.37"

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