S-3XL Sailor Moon Robert Cube Series Unisex Tee SP166203-SP153306

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Designer: Heybox studio in China.

Material: made of cotton, has 5-10 cm extend.

Pattern and Colors:
P256-Sailor Moon White/Pink
P257-Chibi Moon White/Pink
P258-Tuxedo Mask White/Grey
P259-Sailor Mercury White/Blue
P260/P261-Sailor Mars White/Black
P262-Sailor Jupiter White/Green
P263-Sailor Venus White/Yellow
P264/P265- Sailor Saturn White/Black

Size reference (Loose fit):

Size Shoulder Bust Waist Length
S 41cm/16.14" 86cm/33.86" 86cm/33.86" 62cm/24.41"
M 43cm/16.93" 90cm/35.43" 90cm/35.43" 64cm/25.2"
L 46cm/18.11" 94cm/37.01" 94cm/37.01" 68cm/26.77"
XL 48cm/18.9" 100cm/39.37" 100cm/39.37" 70cm/27.56"
2XL 51cm/20.08" 104cm/40.94" 104cm/40.94" 72cm/28.35"
3XL 55cm/21.65" 116cm/45.67" 116cm/45.67" 74cm/29.13"