[Scoobtoobins Design] Sailor Moon Outer Senshi Tattoo Hand Tote Bag SP166747

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3-5 days make to order.

All arts are designed by @Scoobtoobins on instagram, Spree Picky got her exclusive permission for producing and selling, she will gain commission for every sale, please show your support if you love the design!

Since this is custom made, the figure on the top is just effect image, the finish ready product might be a little different in color/size of the image/area from the effect image, and these kind of different are not quality issue, thanks for your understanding and support.

Same design for t-shirt:
Check the link here: https://spreepicky.com/collections/scoobtoobins

Material: made of canvas

Background color: Beige

P166 Sailor Uranus
P167 Sailor Neptune
P168 Sailor Pluto
P169 Sailor Saturn

Size reference:
Approx 31x36cm

Printing: single front printing

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide for order over 15$, 7-15 days delivery to US/UK/CA/AU/FR/DE/IT and most Asia Countries