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I love Galaxy Style ! Welcome to Spreepicky Galaxy Showcase 🌠🌠 November 13, 2017 15:58



Shop the curtains here:


No.1 Top sell galaxy dress :

How to match this dress? These!


Wanna try on galaxy kimonos?


🌃 Home sweet home 🌃

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Top 10 cuties CAT Lovers can't say No March 04, 2017 22:25

Meow cat lovers ~  

Here is the list of top 10 hot selling kawaii cat items you can't miss in our store.

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Top 1 Luna bag

Such a cute bag, need it forever!

Top 2  Neko Cat  Hallow Tube Top

I'm a sexy kitty, black or white?

Top 3 Neko Cape

Stay cute in winter, you need this kawaii cape indeed. O(∩_∩)O

Top 4 Luna Artemis Kitten Legging Tights

Kawaii tights for daily wear ^.^

Top 5 Luna Artemis Hand Bag

Take it on weekend date, it sounds so good!

Top 6 Neko Cat Suspender Dress

Stay cute in school day ~

Top 7 Neko Atsume Shoulder-off Dress

Crazy about Neko Atsume? You deserve one for this summer!


Top 8  Kawaii Cat Summer Hoodie

Grey or white? Let's know your idea <3

Top 9 Cute Neko Sleeping Dress

Dress up and dream to be a kawaii cat ^.^

Top 10 Cat Hoodie Cloak Cape

Which color do you think it best?


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