Coser Necessary High Quality 5 Levels Special Custom Made Adhesive NuBra SP151632

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Special custom made in China, products from Yaogucheng.

Material: made of silica gel - Not for any gel irritable skin.

High quality raw material and strict technology, every product is hand picked when doing quality testing, do not compare with other cheap nubras.

Versions and it's specialty:

1. Basic - Basic but classical

2. Upgrade - upgrade version of basic

3. Whale (Named by its shape) - thin but gathering

4. Crescent moon (Named by its shape) - thick gel for bigger chest

5. Mousse - top level, thin and super adhesive

Colors: Beige| Pink| Black

Different colors from each versions.

Size reference:

Cup A| Cup B| Cup C and above

Size tips before place order:
1. Choose your current bust size is ok, no need to choose bigger size, the nubra will help to make bigger and more gathering;
2. You can wear 2 or 3 pieces different braa if want bigger chest ^-^
3. The effect is different from person to person and depens on the wear ways.

Special tips:
1. Can not get touch with fleece material, otherwise it will not be as adhesive as new one;
2. Wash it when get sweat, it will be adhesive again after 48 hours dry;
3. Must keep your chest clean and dry before wear the nubar;
4. Keep the nubra dry and clean if you don't use it;
5. A nubra can be used for probly 10 times, maybe more if be kept well of using, or maybe less if not be kept well of using.

How to Wash and Keep?
1. Neutral foam wash only;
2. Warm water wash;
3. No brash wash;
4. DO NOT keep in sun, should be kept in cool place;
5. Keep well in packed to avoid dusk if not using